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We enjoy a 100% success rate with our chemical-free bed bug heat treatment.

An ideal vacation means coming home with wonderful memories, a few souvenirs, and plenty of photos. What you don’t expect is to bring home a hitchhiker; namely, bed bugs! Unfortunately, even staying in the highest-rated hotels doesn’t mean you won’t encounter these clever little pests. After all, you don’t know where the traveler who stayed in the room before you last rested their head. While most hotels do employ preventative pest control services, bed bugs have made a resurgence in recent years and are the bane of the entire hospitality industry.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment in Garner, North Carolina

At NC Pest Control, we offer a highly effective solution to rid your home of bed bugs. Our bed bug heat treatment is a preferred option because it is chemical-free and provides reliable results. When bed bugs made their comeback, they were far more resistant to the insecticides that once controlled them. That left pest control companies to seek a better solution, and bed bug heat treatment was found to be the best option. In fact, we enjoy a 100% success rate with this method, in part because it destroys them at every phase of their life cycle, including the egg phase.

If you are noticing bites upon waking in the morning, there is a good chance that you might have bed bugs. You might see them down in the creases of your mattress, but they are very good at hiding in other places, such as in baseboards, as well. Our bed bug heat treatment reaches them wherever they are hiding so you can get a good night’s rest after we’ve completed the treatment. Call today to learn more or schedule service at your Garner, North Carolina home.

At NC Pest Control, we offer bed bug heat treatment services in Fuquay-Varina, Angier, Holly Springs, Apex, Cary, Garner, South Raleigh, and Clayton, North Carolina.