Why We Utilize the Bed Bug Heat Treatment Method [infographic]

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At NC Pest Control, one of the things that surprises our customers is that effective pest control doesn’t always require the use of chemicals. In fact, sometimes other methods are the best way to go. One example is bed bugs. For a variety of reasons, bed bug heat treatment is recommended by leading pest control companies. Here is why we utilize heat for bed bug control:

  • Avoid Health Hazards – Bed bug pesticides have been found to be a health hazard with potentially serious outcomes. Cases have been reported of endocrine system disruption, irritation of the skin and eyes, cancer, nerve damage, and more. Our bed bug heat treatment method won’t put you and your family at risk like pesticides could.

Why We Utilize the Bed Bug Heat Treatment Method [Infographic]

  • Effective – As is the case with most insects, bed bugs have undergone evolutionary changes in response to pesticide use, rendering them less and less effective. In just the past decade, bed bugs have developed thicker exoskeletons, begun to produce detoxifying enzymes, and built more durable nervous systems so they can withstand a thousand times more pesticide than before. They have not yet advanced to counter our bed bug heat treatment method, though.
  • Environmental Factors – Pesticides used for bed bugs are not any better for the environment than they are for the humans and pets that come in contact with them. In fact, they are deadly birds and fish should the chemicals find themselves in the soil and water.
  • Expediency & Efficiency – Often with pesticides, there is the need to come back and eliminate bugs multiple times as they move through life stages. However, with our bed bug heat treatment method, instead of three or more treatments, you’ll need just one.