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Creepy crawlies can enter just about everyone’s nightmares from time to time! It is even worse when insects and pests enter your home or business while you are wide awake. When you are experiencing a pest control problem, turning to a professional to handle all those millions of legs is a decision that we won’t hesitate to make. Before you call your next exterminator to take care of a pest or insect problem, our experts here at NC Pest Control have a few insider tips that we want you to know.

exterminator to take care of a pest or insect problem

  • We need your help. When it comes to the extermination of pests, we often need the property owner’s help to prevent future issues. Simple things that a property owner can do that we recommend include cleaning or moving piles of firewood, caulking trim and doorframes, and repairing plumbing or high-humidity areas. Often, treatments and homeowner changes provide the one-two punch needed to fix an issue.
  • A clean house won’t prevent infestations. While keeping your property clean is certainly a step in the right direction, pests are attracted to all kinds of things, not just food. Even if your house is meticulously clean, don’t feel bad if pests come to visit! It can happen to anyone.
  • Pay attention to your neighbors’ troubles. Certain pests like to migrate, so if your neighbor is having an issue with rodents or other types of pests, be on the lookout for an infestation of your own. If you are the neighbor with the issue, let your neighbors know so you can collectively treat the issue.

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