Top 5 Signs You Need Termite Removal

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When it comes to termites, a little bug can do a lot of damage, eating away at the wood that’s holding your home together. Because they are so little, it may be difficult to know if termites are your problem. Here are five signs that you need termite removal:

signs that you need termite removal

1.  Flying termites- The clearest sign you need termite removal is flying termites around your home. They are about 1/4-inch in size, have four wings, and may range in color from light to dark brown or black. Also look for their shed wings near your doors and windows.

2.  Quiet clicking sounds- If you put your ear up to the wall, you might be able to hear worker termites eating away at your wood, as they are noisy eaters. You could also possibly hear soldier termites, who bang their head on the wood or shake their body to warn their colony of any possible dangers.

3.  Tunnels in wood-Most tick-made tunnels inside your home can be hard to spot, but if you see tunnels in lumber nearby, that’s a sign there may be ticks in your home and that you need termite removal.

4.  Hollow-sounding timber- Listen for a hollow, papery sound when you tap on the wood. This sound comes from termites eating through the wood from the inside out.

5.  Frass or termite droppings– These droppings are tiny (about 1 millimeter), six sided pellets that may look like a small pile of salt or pepper. After eating your wood, termites make small kick-out holes to push the frass out of their nest.

If you suspect your home may have some unwelcome termite visitors, give us a call at NC Pest Control. We will inspect your home and help you get rid of your termites and restore your peace of mind.