Cockroach Control: 8 Tips to Keep Roaches Out of Your Home

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Cockroaches are incredibly hardy pests that give most people an uneasy feeling. One of the worst things about them is that for each one you notice, there are probably dozens of others that are currently in hiding nearby. Given that fact, it is not surprising that a household with a cockroach problem is also one where a family could experience an increase in allergy symptoms because of being overwhelmed by the allergens in the saliva and droppings of cockroaches. If your family is experiencing runny noses, sneezing, and itchy eyes, calling for cockroach control could be the way to go.

Cockroach Control: 8 Tips to Keep Roaches Out of Your Home

As is the case with most insect infestations, prevention is the better course of action. With regular pest control services, you can usually avoid the need for more specific services, such as cockroach control. In addition, if you follow the following tips, you will have a better chance of not developing a cockroach problem.

  • Tip #1- Take out the trash regularly and keep it in a sealed trash can.
  • Tip #2- Avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink, as cockroaches love the food remaining on plates and other dishes.
  • Tip #3- Clean and disinfect any surface that food has touched.
  • Tip #4- Wash pet bowls frequently and store their extra food in a sealed container. It is best not to leave food or water out overnight.
  • Tip #5- Place boxed foods in sealed containers.
  • Tip #6- Dispose of clutter, such as old newspapers, magazines, and cardboard.
  • Tip #7- Rinse cans and bottles before putting them into the recycling bin.
  • Tip #8- Keep your kitchen as clean as possible overall.

If you end up needing cockroach control despite following these prevention tips, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at NC Pest Control. We offer a variety of pest control services for homes and commercial properties in the Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina area.